If you cannot see the Account button the System Administrator has not allowed the permission for you to see the account section.
We can issue password reminders to the registered email address, so that you can continue using the same account. Or, if you know the email address, simply enter the address in the login field and click Forgot Password?


When you first log in on the offline application it must gather information about the current user, which is required to make certificates while offline.
A mobile device installation can only be linked to one user. To change the user, delete the device in the devices section in the account manager.
Yes you can from the devices section in the account manager. Clicking on the lost device and removing it will restore the certificates to a state before they were downloaded.
Please contact support who will help check the compatibility for you.
If you are using the website then all the data is from the cloud. If you are using the application; clients, locations and certificates will show a cloud icon on their list entry.


The following certificates are available:
  1. 17th Electrical Installation
  2. 17th Small Installation
  3. 17th Minor Works
  4. 17th Minor Works SW
  5. 17th Electrical Installation Condition Report
  6. Emergency Lighting Completion
  7. Emergency Lighting Periodic
  8. Emergency Lighting Small Installation
  9. Domestic Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Installation
  10. Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System Installation
  11. Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System Modification
  12. Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System Servicing
  13. Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System Verification
  14. Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System Acceptance
  15. Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System Design
  16. Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System Commissioning
  17. Condition Report Supply Greater Than 100A
To add a certificate you must first add a client, and then a site location within that client. Select the location and click Next to go to the certificate tab. the click add. You can then choose from a list of certificates.
If some users cannot see certificates in the list, they are a Site User and can only see certificates that are allocated to them.
To assign a certificate, select the certificate you wish to assign and change the Assign Certificate to User drop-down to the user name of the engineer.
You can use PNG,JPG,BMP,GIF. PDF is not supported.

You can use the Copy/Paste buttons to copy information only from one circuit chart schedule of test results to another (either 15 circuit or 36 circuit). This does however not operate with any of the other pages associated with certificates or report.

To use simply open the circuit chart schedule of test results you wish to copy and click copy then go to the circuit chart schedule of test results you wish to paste to and then click Paste.

Please contact support who will be able to recover the certificate.
Yes, the account administrator(s) can contact technical support who will be able to unlock the certificate(s).
The data saves automatically when you have finished inputting data into any field.
You either do not have permission to add a certificate, or your account has expired.
Yes, these are available and are in the same location as all the other certificates to choose from.


Yes, five times daily. We may store additional archives for you, please contact support for this.
To provide feedback you can contact SELECT and/or the SELECTcerts technical support team.
No, you must have a valid SELECT membership.
Yes, when you sign up the 30 day trial commences.
Please email or phone 01638 563442.


Yes, please contact SELECT to pay by invoice.
To pay log in and click Account then go to the Billing tab. Then you can select from the payment options and be directed to the secure payment facilities.
The cost for the basic subscription is £20 + VAT for 30 days, which includes:
  • Manage up to 10 engineers
  • 5-a-day backups
  • Wide range of official SELECT certificates
  • Unlimited number of certificates
  • Assign an unlimited number of devices to use on site.
  • 9-5 technical support
  • 24/7 system monitoring
Please make sure the billing details are correct in the Account section and also on the secure payment pages.


When a certificate is printed it becomes locked and uneditable. To prevent the certificate from locking use Preview.
A certificate that is not on the cloud (offline) will not be printable until it has been uploaded.
A users that does not have permission "certificate_print" enabled cannot print a certificate.


If the email is not in your inbox please check the junk/spam mailbox.


To download a certificate that has a grey cloud icon, change the assigned-to dropdown to assign it to the engineer. The engineer then needs to perform a full sync to recieve the certificate on his device.
You can upload a downloaded certificate by marking it as complete, and then performing a full sync.
A quick sync performs basic functions such as updating the list of clients and locations. A full sync performs all the functions of a quick sync and also allows the user to upload any certificates they have completed on their device and download any new ones assigned to them.
The engineer can download the certificate by performing a full sync before he goes on site.
Once a user has downloaded a certificate it becomes 'checked out' so that any other user cannot modify the certificate until it has been uploaded again.
No! The signal is intermittent and must not be used. You risk data loss if you do so.
You must use a wired or wireless internet connection to sync an offline certificate to the cloud.


Yes, go to Account, Users, select the engineer and click Permissions. Then disable the "certificate_finish" permission.
The user levels configure the default permissions for each of the systems users. The user levels are as follows; System Administrator, Validator and Site User. The System Administrator will have full control over the system and controls the amount of access to the system that others registered on the system can have. For instance the Validator can normally only view, sign and print certificates whilst the site user can only edit certificates assigned to them. The System Administrator can however amend the permissions of the Validator or Site User if required.
Yes, you can change this in the Users section of the account.
Yes, you can change this in the Users section of the account.
Yes, you can change this in the Users section of the account.