To download a certificate that has a grey cloud icon, change the assigned-to dropdown to assign it to the engineer. The engineer then needs to perform a full sync to recieve the certificate on his device.
You can upload a downloaded certificate by marking it as complete, and then performing a full sync.
A quick sync performs basic functions such as updating the list of clients and locations. A full sync performs all the functions of a quick sync and also allows the user to upload any certificates they have completed on their device and download any new ones assigned to them.
The engineer can download the certificate by performing a full sync before he goes on site.
Once a user has downloaded a certificate it becomes 'checked out' so that any other user cannot modify the certificate until it has been uploaded again.
No! The signal is intermittent and must not be used. You risk data loss if you do so.
You must use a wired or wireless internet connection to sync an offline certificate to the cloud.